XTERRA JAPAN Trail Run 2023 Nenoue


Race/Event Category/ Distance/ age requirement/ Time limit/ Capacity:

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*Competition distance may vary slightly depending on course maintenance conditions and weather conditions.
*Healthy men and women who have participated in trail running or similar competitions. Or those who have the physical strength to finish the race.
*If you have a handicap, please contact the secretariat.
* As a general rule, 15 years old or older. Trail running Short can be entered from the age of 10.


Application note:
* A system reception fee will be added at the time of entry according to the rules of the entry system.
*Please submit the "Participation Pledge" and "Health Check Sheet" when you receive the race kit.
*Cancellation after payment is not accepted for any reason. (Including cancellation due to organizer's
*Do not accept registrations on the day of the event.


For additional details, please see Recruitment requirements.
Recruitment requirements





開催日  : 2023年08月06日〜2023年08月06日
募集締切 : 2023年07月15日
開催場所 : Around Nenoue Kogen, Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture
主催 XTERRA Japan Convention Executive Committee
募集開始 2023年04月01日
大会HP http://www.xterrajapan.com/